This is a recent commission for COSMOS magazine who I previously did a commission for earlier in the year. They need an another illustration for their short story section of the magazine. This time the story was Shortcuts by Brian Trent. The story involves wormholes that people use to travel all over the world instantly. Here we’re looking through the eyes of the protagonist as someone comes barging out of the wormhole gate towards her.

I’ve included my thumbnails and draft sketches too just to show my process. I send a few different angles to the client so that they can choose then go to work on that.

I’ve also included a the layers separated that COSMOS like to use dotted throughout the pages of the story. I decided to illustrate the rest of the protagonist too. Thought that might work nicely as a whole image.



ShortcutsShortcuts detail 1Shortcut thumbnailsShortcuts thumbnail 01 Shortcuts thumbnail 02 Shortcuts thumbnail 03Shortcuts layers

Three hours or so painting. I downloaded Maciej Kuciara‘s brush pack this week and wanted to test them out. A lot of artist’s say that its not about the brush, and no matter how good your brush is it depends how good you are. Which is true. But I still think that different brushes make a hell of difference. Brushes can give you chaos in textures and colour that you can’t get from just using a simple brush.

Basically, brushes are very useful.

Anyway this is a random character from the CAGER universe. No name or back story. Yet…?

Cager- Malachi 2



Episode One of my webcomic CAGER is now up. This is an introduction to the protagonist Cager Sinn. I’ve made a new page ^above^ so that people can keep track of CAGER on here, or you can subscribe to CAGER on Tapastic through Facebook. Just click the SUBSCRIBE button on Tapastic then ‘Sign up with Facebook.’

The next episode should be up within a few weeks or so. This is my first webcomic so we’ll have to see how frequent I can keep it!
Cager Intro Comic

Quick fan art painting for Hellblazer. I’ve never actually read Hellblazer but I know what its all about and really like the idea and the character John Constantine. I’ve wanted to do a bit of Hellblazer fan art for a while so I decided to speedpaint one up for a bit of fun. Lots of grainy water colour textures and noise filters. Also the new television series looks absolutely terrible. Who lets these people make these things?!?!?! 



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