‘In The Future There Will Be Birds’ and ‘The Marriage of the Corn King’ for COSMOS Magazine

These are two piece I did for COSMOS Magazine’s short story section.¬†‘In The Future There Will Be Birds’ is up on their website, you can read it here.
Had to do these very quickly which forced me to adopt a slightly different simplified approach, mainly the line art being left in, along with a less detailed realistic over all look. Quite liked the outcome.

In The Future There Will Be Birds copy The Marriage of the Corn King

Lilian at the Station

Hello internet, it’s been a little while. I’ve had a fair amount of work over the last few months, all of which I can’t show here for quite a while, and because of all the work I’ve had no time to do personal stuff. Much.

The is a piece I started months ago but was never finished, until my agency asked if I could complete it for their feature on me. Which I was very happy to do.

This is my character Lilian from a story I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s quite early on in the story, here Lilian has just arrived alone in the big city for the first time. After jumping off the small two story train Lilian has just spun around to find the biggest long distance train she’s ever seen pulling into the station, at least 10 stories high!

Any way, happy new year! I’ll hopefully upload some new work soon!

Click on the image for higher res!

Lilian at the Station web

Happy Birthday Papa Gnome

Happy Birthday Papa Gnome

Birthday present for my dad. We all recently went away to Totnes in Devon and had a great time walking over the hills and visited the amazing Wistman’s Woods. But the best part was when we visited Pixie Land, a tiny little cafe / gnome garden where they had a box of gnome hats and waist coats for visitors. So obviously we spent the next half an hour taking pictures and making videos of ourselves dressed up as gnomes.

(Hover over the video to click the sound on)

Lilian’s tavels – Passer by

Quick painting from reference I did this morning. My girlfriend and I¬†recently went down to Totnes in Devon with my family where I took a heck load of photos for references, so today I finally used one. I’m going to do some more but next time I’m going to use the photo as a loose ref and do something a bit more fantastical.Lilian - Passer by
Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 13.10.42

Deathly Abduction

I’ve recently gotten into some of the old grandfathers of science fiction and fantasy art, specifically Frank Frazetta and Richard Corben. I never really got Frazetta or any of the other stuff like it, I always just saw it as old art from the seventies. But now I realise why Frazetta is always spoken to highly of, even today. I finally get it. His work is amazing. His composition, his anatomy, his creature design, his loseness and energy. So from my new found love of old school fantasy and sci fi art I’ve done a quick painting studying one of Frazetta’s pieces, using a similar composition and colour pallet.

What really motivated me to start looking at this type of stuff was Ash Thorps ‘The Collective Podcast’ during the Brad Rigney episode (both of which are also seriously amazing artists, so check them the flip out). Thorp and Rigney talk a lot about Frazette and Corben and Heavy Metal magazine, which got me super inspired and interested in that era of science fiction and fantasy. So yeah.
Next up Richard Corben.


FREE Flyer pack

Going through my hard drive and organising the mess that is my unfinished work. Lots and lots and lots of it. I’ve piled it all into one daunting folder on my desktop now.
But it seems, for me any way, that the longer you put off a painting the more difficult it becomes to finish it. Especially when its on your desktop, every day. Staring at you. Mocking you. Pointing at you and calling you names, and getting all the other cool PSD’s to join in and throw things at you.

Any way.

This was for a flyer pack for a night in Bristol last year. It didn’t get used in the end, but I liked it a lot, so here it is!