Arya for Brainstorm’s challenge 23 – Game of Thrones

Been meaning to do a Brainstorm challenge for a while now but never seem to get round to it. But when I realised that this weeks challenge was Game of Thrones I had to do a piece for it. I had the idea of an Assassin’s Creed / Game of Thrones mash-up and decided this would be best applied to Arya as she seems to be heading in this kind of direction. Here Arya is a few years older and a very skilled killer. I haven’t read the books so I don’t actually know what happens to Arya later in the stories. I used the promotional image they released of Arya’s new outfit for a bit of reference. So here you go. Arya the assassin.


Friend or Foe

Been working on this on my breaks this week. Not entirely happy with it, the colour seems off or something, but I had to finish it otherwise I’d never let it go. Just let it go, man. Said me. To…me.

The story I had in mind here was that this soldier / warrior on the left has fled a battle or survived the losing side of a battle, to find herself lost in unknown territory. She’s met with young lady on the right who is out hunting with her wolf companion. And so the hunter wonders, is she friend or foe?

Bit of Game of Thrones inspiration in there too since the new episode.

I used stock photos as reference for the two characters. I got the stock from the fantastic and Both have excellent stock images.

So there we go.

Friend or Foe2