Friend or Foe

Been working on this on my breaks this week. Not entirely happy with it, the colour seems off or something, but I had to finish it otherwise I’d never let it go. Just let it go, man. Said me. To…me.

The story I had in mind here was that this soldier / warrior on the left has fled a battle or survived the losing side of a battle, to find herself lost in unknown territory. She’s met with young lady on the right who is out hunting with her wolf companion. And so the hunter wonders, is she friend or foe?

Bit of Game of Thrones inspiration in there too since the new episode.

I used stock photos as reference for the two characters. I got the stock from the fantastic and Both have excellent stock images.

So there we go.

Friend or Foe2

Lilian at the Station

Hello internet, it’s been a little while. I’ve had a fair amount of work over the last few months, all of which I can’t show here for quite a while, and because of all the work I’ve had no time to do personal stuff. Much.

The is a piece I started months ago but was never finished, until my agency asked if I could complete it for their feature on me. Which I was very happy to do.

This is my character Lilian from a story I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s quite early on in the story, here Lilian has just arrived alone in the big city for the first time. After jumping off the small two story train Lilian has just spun around to find the biggest long distance train she’s ever seen pulling into the station, at least 10 stories high!

Any way, happy new year! I’ll hopefully upload some new work soon!

Click on the image for higher res!

Lilian at the Station web

Happy Birthday Papa Gnome

Happy Birthday Papa Gnome

Birthday present for my dad. We all recently went away to Totnes in Devon and had a great time walking over the hills and visited the amazing Wistman’s Woods. But the best part was when we visited Pixie Land, a tiny little cafe / gnome garden where they had a box of gnome hats and waist coats for visitors. So obviously we spent the next half an hour taking pictures and making videos of ourselves dressed up as gnomes.

(Hover over the video to click the sound on)