Post Apocalyptica

Two images made for a current project at university. I haven’t timed these but I’m going to guess one to two days on and off each. Done in Photoshop using my own stock photo’s. One or two photo’s used from the internet like some of the collapsed buildings.

I learnt a lot making these images and enjoyed every bit of it. The hardest and most tedious thing to do was painting over the tree which was in front of the building on the left in the first picture. I’ll post some ‘before’ pictures so you can see what I started with.

The idea here was a story based around this loan traveler who wonders abandoned cities looting the buildings and wrecks of vehicles and so on. I would like to continue this and get a bit more personal with the character. Maybe I can in my next project or start something similar.

A  n   y     w  a  y ,    h  e  r  e    y  o  u      g  o .        E    n    j    o    y  .

Your Country is Safe in Our Hands

Don't Give Up


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