Betty Draper

Phewwwwwwww. Flat out, no breaks. I’ve recently been watching lots of Mad Men, it’s brilliant, so I decided to do a reference piece from a screen shot or something. I found this really nice promotional image and had to paint it. Made a lot of changes to it, personalising it a bit and abandoning the reference image towards the end.

Took me around four hours. My hand hurts. Will upload the process in stages as well.

This is the reference image


One thought on “Betty Draper

  1. This one is super cool. I haven’t even scrolled further down to see your other posts yet, because this caught my eye. Definitely love the colour harmony and the light. I’ve got only one beef with it…I think the face needs some work. The transition from the forehead to the hairline seems quite sharp, some hair shadow and the indication of a few single hairs might help there. Also as a whole the face still feels a bit flat and stiff and I find myself looking more at her dress than her face. But that’s really all there is to complain about in this image.
    Hope you don’t mind that little critique, otherwise this is a strong painting. And man, you’re frigging fast….


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