Escape from Tannenberg

This is work for my final major at university. A story set amidst the Russian Revolution and World War I. Here a few of 10,000 that escaped The Battle of Tannenberg in 1914.

Took just under four hours to paint. Used only a hard edge round brush with 100% opacity for the entire process. I adjusted the opacity on layers as a whole instead of blending with brushes.



2 thoughts on “Escape from Tannenberg

  1. With your permission I would like to include your painting of “Escape from Tannenberg” in my gallery on Nicholas II, which is at <>. Of course I will give you appropriate credit.
    Sincerely, John Glines

    1. Hi John, I’m not seeing a link there for your gallery. But yes, thats no problem, go ahead. Credit would be appreciated, thanks.



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