The Killing of the Romanov’s – Final Major Project

At our final exhibition I exhibited my videogame/script/interactive narrative idea. The idea was to produce the basis or foundations for what could be hypothetically developed into some kind of videogame.

Set in Russia around the time of the Russian Revolution and World War I,  the story follows the life of Nikolai Dyakov who grew up in The Winter Palace and was close to Olga, one of the Romanov daughters.

The narrative begins around the time of Nikolai’s death as on old man in his home. The story uses memories to navigate through Nikolai’s life.

At the age of sixteen Nikolai and his father are thrown out of the palace due to Nikolai’s involvement with Olga. They suffer through poverty. Nikolai goes to war, Nikolai becomes involved with the Bolsheviks, and eventually becomes involved in the killing of the Romanov’s including, of course, Olga.

The idea was not to create a game, but an interactive narrative. No points, no scores, no levels. The audience are immersed in the story of Nikolai’s life alone.

I hope to work more on the project in the future and really finish it, as at the moment this is the early stages of a project like this.

Here are the images that were shown at the exhibition.


4 thoughts on “The Killing of the Romanov’s – Final Major Project

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. Yeah I think I must have gotten mixed up with reference photos during the research or something. I did use Tatiana’s picture mistakenly. Thanks any way though!

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