The Woman Who Knew Too Much

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything which I consider personal work. Recently I dug up a bunch of images which were hiding in a folder called ‘Finish These!’ in the depths of my hard drive. There’s over ten pieces which have been started and never finished, mainly because I set myself such a big task and due to being swamped with other work the image gets abandoned. This piece here is one of those from the folder.

I started this in spring last year (2010)…and gave up. Among the others, I’ve been meaning to finish it but never tackled it until these last couple of days.

So here it is. The idea was a noir style 1920’s detective story. The woman here, about to be assassinated by the man in the reflection behind her. This was really fun to paint and I went all out on the details. All the jewellery, dress, hats, shawl, shoes etc were painted using 1920’s references. The dress hanging on the back of the chair is Chanels ‘Little black dress’. The postcard taped to the mirror is of 1920’s New York.

I could have gone on painting more, but decided to finish it here. Enjoy! No idea how long it took me! Ha! Click on the image for a closer view.

Details below.

Above is a Gif of the images process from where I began up till where I originally gave up. Click on the image if it isn’t animating! Also the image below is how I found the image when I started work on it a couple of days ago.


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