Kayla Painter EP Launch 230312

I’ve recently been working with solo artist Kayla Painter to create the cover art for her debut EP and the poster for the launch night, along with some visual branding for her and her website. Here I’ll show some of what I can, not including the cover as that will have to wait to be unveiled on the date of the EP release.

The poster is a mash up of the cover for the EP. So the poster in itself is a tease of what the cover will be.

Before we uploaded the poster we released a small tease of the covers visuals with a date and initials. It was very exciting. Too exciting even.

We’ve been working with this theme for Kayla’s branding, using it for website banners, borders, avatar’s etc. We wanted to make something that would be recognisable as Kayla. This was the first image I created for the project along with the type, which we immediately agreed worked really well.

Using this theme we made a few other bits and bobs for website banners, emails, eventual posters etc.

I will be able to reveal the EP cover very soon, so keep checking back. Other wise, I’m going to come round your house…and show it to you.

If your not already attending Kayla’s EP release then come along. Its set to be a brilliant night and Kayla’s music will blow you away, off into another universe.

Check out everything thats ‘Kayla Painter’ here at her website! 


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