Sketches 25 03 14

I’ve recently bought Blue Lead Col-Erase Pencil’s after reading a post by one of my favourite artists and creators Tony Cliff, creator of online comic Delilah Dirk. Cliff talks about how he uses the blue pencils to draw his rough sketches and then ink over the top. But this wasn’t what sold me. He then goes on to talk about how to get rid of the blue line art in Photoshop leaving just the black inks, and then how to separate the black line art into a completely new layer, with no white attached. Just line art. For me this was priceless information.

You can check Tony Cliff’s post out here.

I’ve fallen in love with these blue pencils, I’m not sure exactly why but I love drawing with them.
But my ink cartiridge ran out.
So once I receive my new cartridges in the post I’ll get inking over the top!

Here I’ve done some Lilian studies, trying to get her face down, and some other random characters, including Jon Snow who know’s absolutely nothing.

Blue sketches_0001 Blue sketches_0002 Blue sketches_0003 Blue sketches_0004 Blue sketches_0005


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