Ghost Hunters – Sam

Ghost Hunters - Sam WEBThis is a piece from a series of four paintings that I’m doing for my portfolio. After seeing some of my Lilian stuff a client that my agent was in talks with asked if I could give them some more examples of teenage girls and dark themes. I sent off an image of three girls and my agent suggested one piece each for the characters on their own and then one of all three characters interacting. So I came up with the idea that the three friends go out hunting ghosts in old haunted houses and abandoned places.

I’ve also included the process steps. I used techniques that I learnt from Charlie Bowater’s tutorial on Skillshare which was fantastic and I thoroughly recommend. Also if you’re not already signed up to Skillshare get on that too, seriously good stuff.

This is the first one I did for the character I called Sam, she’s the leader of the gang.

More pieces from this idea to come in the future.

Teen Girl silhouette
Teen Girl silhouettes 2Teen Girls - Ghost hunters


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