Deathly Abduction

I’ve recently gotten into some of the old grandfathers of science fiction and fantasy art, specifically Frank Frazetta and Richard Corben. I never really got Frazetta or any of the other stuff like it, I always just saw it as old art from the seventies. But now I realise why Frazetta is always spoken to highly of, even today. I finally get it. His work is amazing. His composition, his anatomy, his creature design, his loseness and energy. So from my new found love of old school fantasy and sci fi art I’ve done a quick painting studying one of Frazetta’s pieces, using a similar composition and colour pallet.

What really motivated me to start looking at this type of stuff was Ash Thorps ‘The Collective Podcast’ during the Brad Rigney episode (both of which are also seriously amazing artists, so check them the flip out). Thorp and Rigney talk a lot about Frazette and Corben and Heavy Metal magazine, which got me super inspired and interested in that era of science fiction and fantasy. So yeah.
Next up Richard Corben.



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